Equestrian estate
on Valkó

Target price: 870.000,-€

Horse farm with 10 stalls | 800 m2 Covered horse track
Bathroom, changing room, service facilities
1 Outdoor riding pitch | 1 Outdoor riding round | 6 Horse corral
40 m2 Separate house for personnel
Single story 191 m2 family house  | Living room  | American style kitchen
3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 2 Slot garage
Bathing lake and decorative lake | 46.000 m2 Site

In Pest county, on a hilltop in the outskirts of Valkó an equestrian estate is for sale. This modern estate is designed beautifully and with great expertise to fulfill the highest possible requirements. It comes with a 46000 m2 property, a 191 m2 single story recently built family house and a separate 40 m2 staff house.

Valkó is located in the direct proximity of Budapest, 14 km from Gödöllő, on the eastern side of the hills of Gödöllő. The Liszt Ferenc international airport can be found only 45km from the estate and the root is almost entirely consists of high speed motorway.

This property is not a simple countryside equine farm, more accurately described as a true, high-class equestrian estate equipped with a modern horse farm. It is better to start by forgetting completely the image of Hungarian farms because this estate is something much more. The entrance gate already projects the high quality standards which will follow you through the whole property.

A The equestrian estate is divided to two parts.
– On the first, fully fenced 20 000 m2 unit the indoor 800 m2 stall can be found together with the 6 corral, the circular horse track and the outdoor sandy riding track. In addition this unit gives place for the 191 m2 newly built, modern family house, the separated, fully equipped 40 m2 house that can be used both for employee accommodation or as a guesthouse.

– The other 26 000 m2 unit is not fenced and formerly served for farming animal forage.



Details of the first unit:

– On one side of the 191 m2 modern, recently built house the large living room can be found together with a beautiful bio fuel fireplace, from where the partially covered terrace can be easily approached. In front of the terrace a divided bathing and decorative lake can be found equipped with underwater sitting benches. The deepest point of these twin lakes is 3.5 m deep. On one end of the living room the american style kitchen is located together with the dining table and the fireplace.  On the opposite side of the house gives place for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The building was never habited, with the exception of the kitchen furniture the house is 100% furnished. All the rooms are equipped with A/C. It can be stated for all of the building on this estate that they are built between 2012-13 using the best available materials with great attention to detail and with respect to the environment.

The house has excellent heat separation, it is built by using brick covering and wooden windows and doors. The house is heated by mixed combustion boiler. The living room, bathrooms and the kitchen have floor heating while there are heaters in the bedrooms. The real estate has its own well with very good water capacity. The water is collected in the 3 x 20 m3 underground water containers. The water supply of the whole property comes through the water purifier connected to the well and the containers. The well-maintained ornamental garden among the buildings is watered by the automatic irrigation system. Attached to the house the 2 slot garage can be found. There are 10-12 additional car parking places outside which can be used without obstructing free movement of other cars.

– Slightly separated from the main buildings the 40 m2 also recently built, modern guesthouse or personnel accommodation (bathroom, living room, bedroom). New living are can be established on the second story of the building.

– The part designed for equitation comes with the stall with 10 separated boxes, hoofcleaner and other storing facilities. The stall is directly connected to the rubber floored 8000 m2 (!!!) covered circular horse track (small dressage Arena, 20×40 m). The 20 m communal room makes it possible for friends and family to follow closely what happens on the tracks through a glass wall. This community place is equipped with a kitchen and a small storage. The passageway connects the changing room with bathroom and shower and the saddle room (saddle and equipment for 10 horses). On the side of the stall the hay storage gives place to store forage. Outside the building the sandy riding track is located together with the 6 corral, shadings and automatic trough. Inside the fence a large circular track was created in the full size of the estate.

Imagine that after a long and stressful day you leave your car in your garage as the gate is closing behind you, you cross the blossoming gardens to enter in your own private oasis, where you can enjoy the warm summer sunset in perfect tranquility. You are sipping your favorite drink while hanging your leg from the terrace in the cool water of the lake. You are immediately flooded by the positive feeling of warmth, the feeling to be home.

The whole property has an American equestrian estate style to it, just as it’s seen in Hollywood movies. We are completely sure that this estate provides a luxury environment for both horse and its rider, where many joyful year could be spent together.


Important notes: According to the opinions of experts and architects the construction of a real estate complex equivalent in design and quality to the advertised property is not possible for the advertised target price with recent prices. And we would not even mention how much time, stress and endless coordination of works and contractors would need a construction of this scale. It can be confidently stated that all in all the signed target price is highly reasonable.



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